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Keurig Single Serve Coffeemaker K475 Review

Keurig single serve coffee maker K475 is a product made by Keurig Company. It claims to be a customizable coffee brewer that incorporates 6 pods and three filters; one to handle water filter and another to maximize the taste of your beverage. It has a big water reservoir available in 70-ounce size. This size enables you to brew more than eight cups of beverage before you have to refill the reservoir. This feature can save more time in making coffee. The water reservoir can be removed anytime as well, so it’s easier to refill whenever we need to.

You can set the strength control using this Keurig single cup coffee maker. This way, you will be able to decide how strong you want your coffee to be. There are also five temperature options that enable you to have any beverage according to the preferred temperature. It offers many brew sizes (K-Mug pod size 12 to 16 ounces, K-Cup pod size 4 to 12 ounces and K-Carafe pod size 22 to 30 ounces). These ranges of option will make it easier for you to make diverse amount of beverage according to your need.

This machine is also equipped with a colored touch screen. The touch screen comes with a digital clock that can help you set the period of time to brew a fresh cup of coffee. You can also set the machine to turn off or on automatically to save energy. Moreover, the touch screen comes with the option to change the language usage. Until now, you can change to three languages which are English, Spanish and French. Another advantage of this touch screen feature is that it warns you if you have to change the machine’s water filter. It also warns you if you have to descale.

In conclusion, this single serve coffee maker serves it price. You get many advanced feature and a great coffee with it. It retails for $124.99. You can purchase it in many online store of your liking. Compared to other Keurig’s line, this is probably one of its most luxurious items. It’s perfect for daily basis. One of the most protruding features is its ability to control the strength of your coffee. Many people who would like their coffee to be stronger might enjoy this feature more than anyone else. Therefore, if you’re a coffee addict, you are recommended to purchase this product right away.