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BUNN MC MyCafe Single Brewer as Industrial Coffee Makers with Practical Functionality

Industrial and commercial settings are the main factors when Bunn designs its coffee makers. The Bunn single cup coffee maker is offered in industrial style along with a single serve and easy-clean quality. It features black plastic with a basic metal finish. The design is sturdy, small and compact, making it an ideal option for a smaller kitchen. Moreover, it will last for a long time.

Due to its simple and practical design, it might not be the coffee maker you will choose if you want to consider aesthetics as your forte. However, it gives so many benefits for its practical functionality. Talking about Bunn single serve coffee maker, Bunn MC MyCafe is no exception. This coffee machine is made with four brewing heads or drawers that are compatible. They are designed for ground coffee, coffee pods, K-cups, and the one for hot water dispenser.

To use this product, simply plug in the machine and it will heat the water immediately. When the Bunn MC MyCafe is ready to use, you will see the light changes from red to green. Put the drawer into the coffee maker with a cup, pod or ground coffee. The drawers for K-cups and pods can hold the cup or pod, and you will need a mesh filter to hold the coffee grounds. Then, add your favorite coffee to brew into it and add water into the pot. There’s no space to store water in this machine, so you need to fill it with water for each cup of coffee. This means you can be freely customize how much water you need or the ideal brewing strength.

The Brew and Pulse are the two buttons you will find for coffee making process. Brew is the standard preference and Pulse is for a stronger cup of coffee. The machine has a blinking lights system that will tell you what to do. When the blinks are green, it means you have to add water. Moreover, it blinks red if it needs to be reheated. Flashing red and green lights indicate that the drawer doesn’t load in correctly.

Another benefit of this single brew coffee maker is that it can make a single-cup quicker than any coffee makers out there. It can brew 8 oz. cup of coffee in just around 42 seconds. For daily use, you can just wipe it from the mess to keep it clean without any trouble. For the price, you will love this Bunn MC MyCafe. It comes at a lower price than the other coffee makers in the market with the same features. While we wouldn’t be expecting any troubles in the future, Bunn gives a two-year warranty for their machine.